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Viking Knit

As I love all kinds of knits, crochets and lace, and I often crochet various jewelry pieces with wire, I was surprised that making the earrings which I will show you today, do not require a crochet hook. This is a very old wire weaving technique dating back to the 10th and 12th centuries. Here’s […]

Go bold!

This bright spring morning I bring you big and bold silver earrings. Their diameter is 4,5 cm/ 1,7 ”! And the length of chain is approximately 13 cm/ 5 ”. I oxidized silver to make it look more delicate, and then I added various gemstones and charms. You will find white freshwater pearls and crystals […]


My great recent discovery – beautiful gemstone kyanite. It’s gorgeous blue color and shades, together with brownish inner threads, match perfectly with oxidized copper. The design of these kyanite earrings is pretty simple, but this gemstone itself is magical enough. The earrings have post earwires. Enjoy!


Again I’m all into found objects – accidentally found details and charms that I could use in my projects. This tiny white elephant charm is not an exception. The minute I saw it, I knew I have to take it. I’ve been thinking about possibilities of using this charm for quite some time, and here […]

Bringing music

I dug into my jewelry work box the other day and I found these earrings that I haven’t shown to you yet. The earrings became my favorite at once. Not only they are full of all kinds of techniques and materials, but they have a very strong spirit. The symbols and inconsistent signs as flowers, […]

The beginning

We took down our Christmas tree last night. Everything is coming back to normal. Actually I got used to tiny Christmas lights fill out our room at night. They seemed sublime, even magical. Those two weeks of holidays always enchant me. It feels like I live in a bright dream – full of sparkles and […]

Wire crochets

I’ve been crocheting a lot lately. If you asked me to wire crochet a jewelry piece for you a couple of months ago, it would have been a real challenge for my fingers. But during the past months I’ve used quite a bunch of wire. The copper wire crochet earrings are the most popular at […]

Phoenix and coming Christmas fair

I’m waiting for Christmas. Although the ground is covered with tiny snow dusts, and the beautiful Christmas decorations in my town sparkle at night, I do not rush decorating my own home. My dear husband taught me to save the joy for Christmas Eve and make the day even more special. But my mind is […]

New earrings and coming holidays

I recently received an invitation to take part in a Christmas fair in Vilnius, Lithuania. I was so pleased with it, but unfortunately neither time nor place allows me to be a part of this fair. Anyway, it reminded me that the holidays are coming soon. Most of us are already looking for one of […]